ReliaPOLE Inspection Services Co. offers a full suite of inspection and mapping services for our wireless customers. To optimize your investment return, your communications structures should be maintained and inspected on a routine basis. RISC personnel have shop experience fabricating poles and towers, field experience modifying structures, and experience inspecting structures. RISC is also involved in the leadership of the ANSI/TIA-222 tower committee.

RISC specializes in providing field weld inspection services and is an industry leader in the inspection, diagnosis, and repair of communications monopole base weld cracks. RISC’s inspectors are CWI (Certified Weld Inspector) certified per the American Welding Society. Weld inspections also include ASNT (American Society of Non-Destructive Testing) certified Level II ultrasonic testing (UT) and magnetic particle testing (MT).

As part of a comprehensive pole structural upgrade, an existing pole base plate connection should be inspected. Even if the pole base does not need to be strengthened as part of the upgrade process, it is still important to perform regular periodic inspections of the base weld connection. The proper weld inspection, design, and reinforcement of pole base plate connections are critical to the proper performance and maintenance of the structure. For reliable performance, the utilization of experienced and qualified personnel is essential for these services.

Inspection Services:

  • TIA condition assessments
  • Due diligence inspections
  • As-built inspections
  • Post-modification inspections (PMI)
  • Weld inspections including both certified weld inspections (CWI) and pole base weld UT/MT
  • Non-destructive foundation mappings and rebar scans

Mapping Services:

  • Structure mapping to support structural analysis
  • Structure upgrade feasibility; pre-structure modification mapping
  • All structure types including poles, self-support towers, guyed towers, water towers

For complete details on RISC’s inspection and mapping services for our wireless customers, please contact Brian Reese at (570) 359-3295 or via e-mail

Click below to download the following pdf – “Communications Pole Inspection and Maintenance”