Field Services

To protect your investment, field modifications to your communications structures should be performed by an organization you can trust. ReliaPOLE Inspection Services personnel have been involved with the modifications of hundreds of communications structures and are involved in the leadership of the ANSI/TIA-222 structural committee. RISC understands the critical importance of safety, quality, and project schedule and invite you to see firsthand the level of detail and pride that we bring to each project we undertake.

RISC offers the following suite of services to our wireless customers:

  • Monopole modifications including the installation of upgrade members (bolt-on or welded), base plate welding, anchor rod reinforcement, and foundation modifications.
  • Tower modifications including leg reinforcement, member upgrades, anchor rod reinforcement, and flange or base plate welding.
  • Field welding services including handhole installation, flange installation, and monopole base plate modification.
  • Monopole base plate crack diagnosis and repair.
  • Custom monopole extension fabrication and installation.

RISC specializes in providing quality field welding services and understands the challenges of welding in the field. RISC welders are AWS certified and each project is executed to a site specific hazards analysis plan. Safety is a priority; our crews are trained climbers and are safety conscious. In addition, we utilize established quality procedures for the execution of each major component of every project.

When considering a communications field service team to handle your project, look at RISC first. Quality, consistency, attention to detail – please contact Brian Reese at or at (570) 359-3293 to discuss your specific project needs.