Below are answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!

Should I inspect my communications monopole for toe cracks at the base weld?
Absolutely! The base connection weld of a monopole is the most important connection in the structure. Just like sports lighting structures, communications monopoles are susceptible to fatigue and manufacturing related defects at the base.

I would like to purchase a portfolio of towers. Does RISC provide inspection services of existing communication structures?
RISC provides inspection and mapping services of monopoles, self-support towers, and guyed towers around the country. We can also provide TIA condition assessments and lines and antenna audits.

I am going to upgrade one of my monopoles. Should I map it prior to modification?
It is very important to know and identify potential upgrade obstructions. Obstructions include handholes, climbing, antenna mounts, existing upgrades, and feedlines. Identifying obstructions and open areas for upgrade prior to construction will eliminate construction delays, change orders, and save money in the long run.

My company has just completed a tower modification. Should I complete a post-modification inspection?
Yes, a post-modification inspection (PMI) is essential to assuring that you received what you purchased and that your structure’s integrity is maintained.

Should I have a certified weld inspector (CWI) inspect my welded tower modifications?
Absolutely! The integrity and quality of field welded connections is essential to the performance of an upgrade system. Poor weld quality can accelerate fatigue and cause cracking.