Field Services

To safeguard your students, faculty and visitors to your facility, field repairs, modifications and strengthening should be performed by an organization with the experience to handle these complex structures and bring them back to full operating capacity. Working in close collaboration with our inspection services teams, ReliaPOLE Inspection Services Company’s field services group offers a full range of field repair and strengthening services to our valued sports lighting clients. These services include:

  • Baseplate crack repair
  • Grout removal
  • External corrosion remediation
  • Gusset design and installation
  • Long seam crack repair
  • Galvanizing/Coating repair
  • New baseplate installation
  • New anchor bolt nut installation
  • Installation of proper drainage systems
  • Concrete patching and repair
  • And much more!

The vast majority of RISC’s sports lighting field services can be performed with the pole in service and almost no disruption to your activities or scheduled games/events. All field welding is performed in compliance with appropriate AWS (American Welding Society) standards and all field strengthening programs are done to ensure that structures meet the latest AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) or IBC (International Building Code) standards.

RISC’s sports lighting field service teams are self contained and mobile and available to deploy across the nation with minimum notice. Fully trained and insured, all field work is performed to the highest standards and complete reporting of all services performed is provided to the client upon project completion. RISC understands the critical importance of safety, quality, and adhering to specific project schedules – we are confident that you will be pleased by the quality of our work.

RISC specializes in providing quality field welding services and understands the challenges of welding in the field. RISC’s welders are AWS certified and each project is executed to a site specific hazards analysis plan. Safety is a priority; our crews are fully trained and insured and handle all projects with the strictest attention to proper procedures and practices.

For complete details on RISC’s sports lighting field services, please contact David Coates, General Manager at or call us directly at (281) 259-7000.