Is visual inspection enough?
No! Visual inspection is an important component of any comprehensive light pole assessment plan, but is incapable of providing you all the data that you need. A comprehensive asset evaluation from RISC incorporates visual inspection, non-destructive testing, code review and engineering and load analysis. An inspection that’s missing any one of the above elements is like a stool missing a leg – unbalanced and unusable.

Why RISC? Why can’t I use a local inspector?
A general inspector or NDE firm often times lacks the experience and equipment to inspect poles properly. All of RISC’s inspection protocols, equipment and engineering services are designed specifically for poles and no one has more experience. When you consider the potential liability of a pole falling in a stadium setting, why take chances?

What sets RISC apart?
In a word, experience. We have several of the industry’s most experienced pole engineers and inspectors on staff, ready to handle your project. When it comes to light poles, we have the ability to inspect, analyze and reverse engineer your system and present you with not just a snapshot of how your poles look now, but rather a clear picture of how they look now and how they’ll look five and ten years from now. At RISC, we believe in predictive analysis to prevent future failures.

If repairs are needed, do I need to use RISC to handle them?
Not at all. Our field services division is experienced and ready to assist you with both temporary and permanent repairs if needed, but we will also assist you and your local contractor with comprehensive recommendations, field welding repairs and everything that you need to perform the work. Should you like to have RISC’s field services division provide a repair quote, we’d be happy to do so.

Can you provide references?
Absolutely and we encourage you to contact customers that we’ve worked for in the past. Your local RISC sales representative can provide you with a comprehensive client reference list for your use or visit us here for an on-line list.

How quickly can you be on site?
RISC has teams throughout North America to handle inspections with minimum notice. Please call your local representative (visit our contacts page) to discuss specific availability of the RISC inspection team in your area.

My poles were installed recently, should I still have them inspected?
Absolutely! A post installation inspection is extremely important as it can detect manufacturing defects, improper installation procedures and contractor field modifications and helps ensure that your system is designed correctly to handle the loads and wind zone in which it’s installed. In many instances, if defects are found early the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect and issues can be remediated at no cost to your facility or school district.

How often should I have my poles inspected?
Corrosion and wind never rest – they operate twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Once your baseline inspection is completed, RISC will provide you with recommended re-inspection intervals dependent upon the condition of your structures.