Other Services

In addition to our full suite of inspection, field and 3rd party audit services for the sports lighting, utility and communication industries, ReliaPOLE Inspection Services Company provides:

Engineering Review – If requested, RISC’s engineering team can provide a thorough assessment of the structural capacity of each of your sports lighting, utility or communications structures. This includes dimensional and load analysis, wind rating and life expectancy estimation.

Repair Recommendations – If issues are found on site that call for field welding, reinforcement or repair, RISC can design and provide you with weld procedures, repair guidelines and specification drawings. RISC can also assist in contractor selection and pre-qualification and post repair inspection. If desired, RISC’s field services teams can also provide you with a competitive bid to handle the repair/remediation turn-key work on your behalf.

Design Review – If installing a new sports lighting field or communications tower or monopole, RISC’s team can review submitted design drawings to ensure their correctness and applicability to required codes.

Failure Analysis – If a pole failure occurs, RISC can provide a complete suite of forensic services to determine the root cause of the failure. This includes any required metallurgical testing, both destructive and non-destructive, corrosion evaluations, and engineering assessments.

Expert Witness – With over 50 years experience in all aspects of pole design, manufacturing, finishing, inspection and installation, RISC’s engineering staff have the knowledge to be able to support you in any legal proceedings you may be faced with. Opinions, depositions and testimony can all be contracted to and handled by the experienced teams here at RISC.

Pole Inventory Management Report (PIMR) – In many instances RISC’s teams can deploy to your location to provide you with a written inventory report of the type, style and quantity of the structures you have currently installed. This may be in conjunction with an already scheduled inspection and/or may be offered on a complimentary basis to public and private schools and universities. Please contact your sales representative directly for further information.

Contractor Pre-Qualification – Proper selection of a communications or sports lighting contractor can be the difference between the success and failure of these complex projects. Let the experts at RISC handle the due diligence for you including review of design drawings, recommendations for pole type and style, review of insurance documents and worker’s certifications and if requested, on site project management to ensure proper installation of your structures.

For information on all of the services listed above, please click here to find your local RISC sales representative.