3rd Party Audits

The Challenge - Utility poles and towers are complex structures requiring a high degree of skill and experience to properly manufacture.  Due to increasing demands on line reliability, quality is a priority for these projects.  With scheduled line outages difficult to obtain, or condensed construction timelines as a result of fixed completion dates, utility operators and contractors cannot afford to discover any problems with the structure fit-up or other quality issues only after they arrive at the job site.  Recent rapid growth in demand for utility structures has put a great deal of pressure on suppliers to increase production output.  At the same time, many of those suppliers are also dealing with severe shortages of knowledgeable and experienced shop personnel (particularly welders, fitters, quality personnel, etc.).

The Solution – ReliaPOLE Inspection Services Company’s 3rd party in-plant inspection involves auditing quality programs and inspecting items at their place of manufacture on behalf of a utility company or contractor before delivery to your job site. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to determine whether a product complies with your expectations and specifications.  With RISC’s knowledge and experience we can also provide field troubleshooting or forensic analysis as an owner’s representative if quality issues have unfortunately already made it to the job-site.

Key Benefits:

  • Risks linked to field related quality issues with supplier’s products can be minimized.
  • A knowledgeable and experienced independent assessment will provide peace-of-mind and minimize any surprises.
  • RISC will provide you with detailed, confidential reports of findings (with factual explanations of those findings).
  • Services are a cost effective solution to verifying the Quality Assurance/Quality Control effectiveness of your suppliers.
  • RISC is retained when you need us – no need to keep staff in-house. Let us be your QA/QC arm.
  • Our 80 plus years of specific industry experience is at your service.

RISC can deploy as needed on a worldwide basis to audit manufacturing facilities regardless of structure type (wood, concrete or steel). Our inspectors are CWI (Certified Welding Inspector), ASNT Nondestructive Testing Technicians or NACE certified and have extensive experience evaluating the equipment and materials used in the manufacturing of these type structures. When problems are identified during the manufacturing process, RISC assists our clients in decision making processes and offers solutions to get your project back on the correct track to timely deliverability and profitability.

For more information on RISC’s third party audit services, please contact David Coates at (281) 259-7000 or dcoates@polesafety.com